What and Who:

TIAC Academy is a fine-arts school with branches in Florence, Italy and Beijing, China.

It was founded by the TIAC Association which aims to champion, develop and invest in art education programmes that enrich and create artistic careers and educational opportunities.

TIAC Academy wants to support the community of image-makers to cultivate, create and promote and meaningful representational artwork. Our vision is to provide the optimum educational environment for representational sculpture and painting; so that talented individuals may realise their highest potential in conceiving, creating and delivering meaningful artwork to the world as well as cultivating compositional independence. TIAC Academy provides structured workshops which concepts and topics are suitable and can be related to both a professional and an amateur audience. We focus on artistic education, providing elements and strategies through a process of integrating subject, design and media, including multiple perspectives and approaches within this type of artwork so that individuals can find the path that most suits their inclination.


We offer 2 level of workshops: Master Workshops and Core Level workshops.

We are also working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture accredited by EABHES.


Educational Philosophy:

Our school employs an innovative educational structure based on a defined and articulated philosophy.


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